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A slightly curated list of software I've written or contributed to. More on GitHub.

Own projects

Projects which are either one man shows, or where I'm the main developer.
  • Haste, a compiler for turning Haskell into efficient Javascript. It's built on top of GHC and was initially written for my MSc thesis, but has taken on a life of its own lately, and is now in use at several places in industry and academia.
  • ghc-simple, a simplified interface to the GHC API, giving easy access to highly optimized (or not, depending on what you need) core, STG and other intermediate formats. Write your own Haskell compiler in mere minutes!
  • shellmate and shellmate-extras, an EDSL for writing platform-independent shell scripts in Haskell.
  • nyanbda, flexible Nyaa Torrents client/watcher/downloader.
  • mcctl, a toolkit for managing Minecraft servers robustly, using systemd and DBus.
  • haste-deck, a library for making slideshows with Haste.
  • PhD tools, a suite of tools for busy PhD students.


Other software projects I've contributed to.
  • Ziria, a high level language by Microsoft Research for programming software-defined radios.
  • Zeldspar, a dataflow language embedded in Haskell.